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Workshop: Healing from Pain and Trauma

Join us for a workshop designed for anyone affected by cancer including survivors, fighters, thrivers, friends and family.  We will be offering hands-on experiences to alleviate emotional and physical pain caused by cancer. 

Pain comes in many forms and from many different sources.  We will discuss the most prevailing conditions like muscular pain, bone pain, nerve pain, headaches, and migraines and introduce you to healing modalities such as Massage, Sound Healing, Essential Oils, Nutrition, Meditation and Movement.   Every attendant will get the chance to participate and experience the relief one can get from these effective techniques.  

This workshop will be led by our founder, Michelle Herrmann M.S., alongside Nader Razi and Yesenia Gonzalez.

Michelle Herrmann, founder of, holds a Master's of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition.  She began her journey into holistic health after her mother was diagnosed with a cancer of unknown origin in 2009.  After her mother passed, she dedicated herself to educating others and empowering those who are still fighting their battle to improve their quality of life, mitigate side effects of treatment and promote optimal health with the products and packages she has hand picked for  

Michelle will be leading a demonstration on cooking for pain management with a chance to try some of her yummy recipes.  Essential oil blends from will also be offered. 

Nader Razi, a colon caner survivor and founder of Ohmazing Art of Healing, a non-profit organization and healing center with a mission to support the local cancer community with holistic health practices that encourage stress reduction, well-being, and personal growth.

Nader started Ohmazing Art after beating colon cancer. He retired from being an aerospace engineer to pursue his love and passion for helping others. His experience led him to research and learn about alternative cancer fighting methods. 

His positive energy is like a beam of light that helps many to heal. Nader truly believes in self empowerment in order to become healthy and spiritually whole.

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