Becky, a special educator and mom extraordinaire, was diagnosed with an unknown cancer (undifferentiated adenocarcinoma of unknown origin) in 2009, the same year her ex-husband remarried.  She was feeling betrayed, lonely and was suffering from a broken heart, not because of her failed marriage but because she felt her family was 'broken'. 

Meanwhile, her diet consisted of daily sugar-filled carbonated beverages, processed food, and baked goods.   

Her cancer came, went, and came back again even after treatment of chemotherapy and radiation.  Becky eventually passed away four years later, after fighting as hard as she could, at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  On that same day, she told her children not to worry; she was still going be with them, "every step of the way".  

Her eldest daughter Michelle, our founder, set out on a mission to improve cancer treatment by learning about all of the wonderful, healing tools provided to us by Mother Earth.  She graduated from Hawthorn University with her Master's of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition three years later.  

It was through this program that she learned the importance of organic, whole foods and the impact of our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health on our bodies.  It became clear to her that wellness is not simply calories-in, calories-out however; vibrant health can only be achieved as a result of  appropriate exercise, stress management, healthy social relationships, non-toxic environments, mindfulness, and a diet consisting of organic, nutrient-dense, whole foods.

With her mother watching from above, and Mother Nature's bounty here on Earth, Michelle began this company - Cornucopia - as a symbol of nourishment and abundance, devoted to empowering those who are still fighting their battle against cancer.


cancer patient