When a family member, friend, loved-one or co-worker hears the C-word we all feel the urge to help out in anyway we can.  Sometimes we also feel lost and uncertain of the most effective way to help.    


Meanwhile the patient is yearning for control, normalcy, knowledge, vibrant health, energy, and hope.  They want to feel at the very least, EMPOWERED. 


This is where we — and YOU — come in. 


Send your friend one of our cancer care-packages which include items that are nourishing, functional, organic, stress-relieving, comforting, and provide balance to a toxic world but, above all give empowerment to the patient to make educated, healthy decisions. 


All of our packages are curated by our in-house Holistic Nutritionist to provide your loved-one with high-quality products designed to detox their environment, nourish the body from the inside out, provide mental clarity through lifestyle practices and to educate your loved-one on the cancer-fighting benefits of holistic health.


Because the greatest gift we can give is increased quality of life through total body nourishment and a little tender loving care.