July is Sarcoma Awareness Month
The "Unbreakable" Straw - Cornucopia Cancer Care Packages
The "Unbreakable" Straw - Cornucopia Cancer Care Packages
The "Unbreakable" Straw - Cornucopia Cancer Care Packages
The "Unbreakable" Straw - Cornucopia Cancer Care Packages

The "Unbreakable" Straw


Sometimes side effects from chemo and radiation can be tiresome and cause loss of appetite.  A simple straw can make all the difference by offering an easy way to get nutrition into your body without having to chow down an entire entrée salad. 

Inspired by Cornucopia’s 4-leaf clover logo, this straw embodies our mission to nourish body and mind, while detoxing our environment.   And it's hard to break, just like your spirit!

Straw cleaner and case included.  

8” Barely Bent -The bend on this straw allows for easy-to-reach access while reclining in your favorite chair or bed!  This straw is 8” in length overall and bent at approximately the 6” mark.

(9.5mm Outer Diameter) – This width is similar to that of a typical restaurant straw. It’s great for thin liquids such as water, juice or a slightly slushy "green-ya colada".


Use everyday in whatever smoothie or green juice you like.  Don’t worry about clean up, this straw is dishwasher safe!


Beautiful and strong, this glass straw is made of borosilicate glass tubing, the same glass that Pyrex® is made from.  Unlike plastic straws, this one is absolutely BPA-free.  And unlike stainless steel straws, this one won’t exacerbate that metallic taste in your mouth.  Borosilicate glass is also non-toxic, so you can feel confident when drinking hot or cold liquids that no toxins are leaching into your beverage. 

Handmade in the USA by Strawesome.

Straw cleaner and case included.



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