Mulberry Park Silks Pillowcase

At Cornucopia, our mission is to nourish the body, mind, and spirit of cancer patients all while detoxing the environment.  By partnering with Mulberry Park Silks, we are able to offer a product that is in-line with our mission.  Their 100% pure silk pillowcases are free of chemicals, hypoallergenic, sustainable, and OEKO-TEX® Certified. 


Most importantly, they offer a friction-free, hydrating, surface that minimizes hair breakage.  This keeps the hair follicle in-tact and allows hair to grow back much sooner.  Cotton pillowcases are super absorbent, dehydrating to your hair and skin.  Did you know cotton can absorb 27 times its own weight in water?  Cotton pillowcases also add a great deal of friction to an already weak and damaged follicle which causes breakage. 


Dennis F. from Oklahoma bought a Mulberry Park Silks pillowcase for his wife who is currently fighting cancer.  His wife lost her hair due to chemotherapy treatment and when it started to eventually grow back, it only grew back on the side and top of her head.  Then, Dennis bought her a Mulberry Park Silks pillowcase. Within a week, she noticed a difference.   It wasn’t much longer after that when she felt the back of her head and thought no hair was growing at all but quickly realized it had already grown back so long that it was laying down flat!


As anyone in Dennis’ wife’s situation knows, it can be emotionally very difficult to lose your hair, especially as a woman.  Our hair gives us a sense of femininity, confidence and the look of youth/health.  When you not only feel terrible from the treatment, but then you also feel like you ‘look’ less than your best, it can be discouraging.  With these pillowcases, that sense of confidence can return much quicker, providing a source of strength to keep on fighting.


Did you know cotton is traditionally grown using tons of pesticides - pesticides that are carcinogens(cyanazine, dicofol, naled, propargite and trifluralin)?   In fact, cotton is the most pesticide-laden crop grown on Earth, accounting for 11% of the world’s pesticide market and 24% of global insecticide sales.  And that’s before harvesting and production!   


Mulberry Park Silks’ 100% Chemical-free pillowcase is clearly the better choice here.  You can get a good night’s rest, worry-free, and watch your hair grow back instead of sleeping 8 hours each night on the toxic alternative. 


Silk is not only the healthiest choice but it is the most luxurious as well.  Why not pamper yourself a little bit? As a caring husband, Dennis explained to me,

“when someone is fighting cancer, anything you can do that gives a little bit of pleasure along the way is well worth it”.


You can purchase the Mulberry Park Silks pillowcase as featured in The Chemo Care Package...


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