Holistic Health

Our philosophy of health comes from a holistic point of view.  

Nourishment comes in many forms.  

  • eating organic whole foods

  • detoxing your environment

  • learning to manage stress

  • appropriate exercise

  • and healthy relationships with loved-ones.

Epsom Salts

For example, we are nourished by what we absorb through our largest organ, the skin.  Epsom salt baths are just one way we consume nutrients(i.e. magnesium)  through our skin.  Magnesium is used by the body to relax muscles, balance electrolytes, build bone, and to keep our gut humming along at a good pace.  Nothing is better than a warm bath filled with epsom salts and essential oils to relax your muscles, de-stress, and float away into a state of zen!

Organic Cancer Care Packages

The products we consume have a great impact on our health which is why our in-house Holistic Nutritionist has curated our cancer care packages to include the highest quality, non-toxic, nutrient dense, organic, and stress relieving products on the market today.  

Whether your loved-one is going through traditional cancer treatment or wanting to decrease their total toxic-load, send them a beautiful care package filled with nourishment from Cornucopia.

Our e-commerce store launches May 1st.  Join our mailing list to get notified!  

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